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Oct16-11, 06:56 AM
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Here, you have confused several things. The length contraction I described had to do with local rulers as perceived by a distant observer.
My point is imaging you could jump between A and B’s reality, which difference would there be , except time ?

Well I have come to a new simpler conclusion.
When I would jump from A’s to B’s reality, I would see the exact same Universe.
The distance between the earth and the Moon, or any other distance would be exact the same everywhere.

But if we compare these 2 realities, - B’s reality would be a bit smaller. - Everything would be a bit smaller, also the ruler.
That could then also explain the cause of the Shapiro delay
Because speed of light must then be measured in the local surroundings.

I change my mind
This can't be true because then there would be no Shapiro delay, but rather opposite

Any idea what is causing the Shapiro delay ?