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Oct21-11, 02:48 AM
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Hagashimurayama, Tokyo: 2.153 μSv/h have been found in a ditch behind the lunchroom in a primary school in Hagashimurayama, Tokyo metropolis. The city surveyed 22 schools on 18 October and found radiations of 0.19 μSv/h and higher at 8 schools and removed the contaminated mud. The mud was then temporarily buried inside school premises. The city mayor announced that the scope of the radiation surveys "will be extended with maximum efforts".

Adachi ward, Tokyo: (English) "Soil to a depth of 10 centimeters in a one-square-meter area around the drainpipe [where 3.99 μSv/h had been found on 17 October] was removed, put in a bag and buried in a hole 1.2 meters deep at a different location at the school."
So very few of these articles clearly say what is done with the rad waste after it is removed. Do you happen to know if there are government-provided instructions for cleanup and/or storage? Any designated dumping grounds?