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Oct22-11, 12:16 PM
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I do not think the Coriolis effect have anything to do with those planes. Their initial velocity on the ground is the same (as the earth rotation at that point), so the land masses will too. The planes will not be affected by the rotation of the earth.

Well, back to the centrifugal pump experiment:

I just tried with a LOOONG tube with a 90 degree bend at the end - in air. I held the tube in my hand, and spun myself around, and so the tube.
However, on my side of the tube I attached a plastic bag (wrapped around the tube end) that was filled with air - as much air a plastic bag can carry with an open end.
When the 90 degree bend pointet towards rotation, the air did not escape from the bag - the bag did not deflate or inflate.
When I aligned the bend towards the floor or ceiling, it took about 4 rounds (1/2 round pr second) to deflate the bag.
When I pointed the bend away from rotation, the bag deflated in only 2.5 rounds (1/2 round pr. second) to deflate the bag.

I repeated the experiments many times - spinning in both directions untill I got sick...

The average result is what I explained above.

PS! Yes I removed the TV set, the speakers, my wifes many flowers and "stuff", and the kids, before the experiment