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Well, no, the speed of light in all inertial frames is defined to be the same, not measured.
I have considered both of the understandings of this definition, and I have come to the conclusion that the meaning is that light has a constant velocity in a given medium, thus the example I gave with the sound
"Both"? I only gave one definition which I thought had only one way to understand it. What's the other one?

Even if there were a medium in which light exclusively had a constant speed (this is the idea behind the Lorentz Ether Theory), it's pointless to defend that concept because it is impossible to identify the state of that medium, unless you know something that none of the rest of us are privileged to know, in which case, I beg you to share it with us.
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No, there are no sealed environments that cause light to behave differently than it would in an unsealed environment. And this shows a difference between light and sound. In order to get sound to travel at the same speed in a moving environment (like an airplane) as it would outside on the ground with no wind blowing, you have to seal the air inside from the air outside so the air inside will seem like it is stationary with respect to the airplane. With light, you don't have to do that. Even out in the open, as long as the airplane, or spaceship, or whatever, is traveling at a constant velocity (and we are ignoring the effects of gravity), it will appear to have exactly the same characteristics as any other similar situation.
In my mind, there are not any theoritical constraints, for e.g. different universes to carry their own light, to tell it simply, just as different planets can have atmosphere and as such, sound. One could also consider any medium that slows down light, like glass, to be a sealed environment on its own - no need for sealed environments to only offer greater speed
You better be careful. Crackpots tend to get themselves banned on this forum. We're here to teach and learn about relativity in this universe, not speculating about some other universe. I think it can safely be said that you may have a lot to learn, but if not, you cannot teach something that is contrary to the accepted theory of relativity. Please take this with the right attitude and if you are not familiar with the rules of this forum, please read them before proceeding. I hate to see another person get banned.