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Oct31-04, 08:46 PM
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Right, Chronos, right...I've been reading up on black holes recently, but all I've been able to derive from my readings is: most black holes form at the center of galaxies, or they form at the center of massive star clusters. I have one question. Why hasn't there been a black hole observed to form inbetween a galaxy or away from a massive star cluster? I used to prize the idea of a black hole, but that idea is slowly fading and becoming harder to grasps as true.

Black holes are black. No light gets out of them, so they can't even reflect light. What we see in the centers of galaxies is the infalling matter, which is raised to high energies by its fall and radiates before it hits the event horizon. Also the BH is surrounded by perhaps hundreds of stars in orbit, as shown in the time lapse pictures marcus linke to.

So what could you see of a black hole out between the galaxies, away from any matter that could signal its presence? There wouldn't be anything to see. There might be black holes out there, but we'd never know it. Even their gravity wouldn't show since they'd be so far from visible matter.