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Martin Peters
Nov2-11, 09:09 PM
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Tokyo: [Setagaya] Inside the bottle there is a brown color solid believed to be radium 226. Because the radiation was 2 mSv/h after removing the bottle, it is feared that the earth is polluted by things such as scattered glass. Removal work will be continued on 3 November. As a result of a new survey performed today, 8 μSv/h was found in the supermarket's selling space. It is believed that there are multiple radiation sources. Until now only the 110 μSv/h spot near shop entrance was dug. The 170 μSv/h spot near the concrete block wall will be dug in turn. The bottle is broken. Some earth was removed together with the bottle. Radioactive substances and glass are remaining. Radiations will be further lowered by removing more earth. An 8 μSv/h spot and a 12 μSv/h spot were found close to the digging place. A 2 μSv/h one was also found on the street on the western side of the supermarket premises. video of the digging.
Is the level of radiation of the soil, glass shards, and other debris left in the hole after the bottle and it's brown contents were removed really 2 MILLI Sv/HR? This is not an inadvertent slip of the wrong "m"?