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Nov11-11, 03:54 PM
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Please bare with me, I have A-Level physics (barely any Quantum physics) and hence no idea on the subject, just general crap.

I at the moment am an advocate for causal determinism but have never had a proper answer to why quantum mechanics disproves the idea of determinism.

What I understand determinism to be is, for there to be an effect, there has to be a cause, and so the whole universe interacts with itself ( i mean the particles within it) in a deterministic fashion.

now I am not saying that it is possible to ever determine anything, the uncertainty principle is pretty clear (and logical). You can not know BOTH the position and speed of a particle infinitely precise - because you are changing its trajectory with the photons when observing i believe?

So to the question. are there random effects/actions in the universe (proven to be random or indicative) OR is it a deterministic universe and things ONLY SEEM random because of the uncertainty principle ?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :]
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