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Nov12-11, 06:55 PM
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The answer depends on which branch of physics you want to focus on.

In the blockworld of SR - i'd say - No. Events do not appear to happen because of causal relationships but because somehow time(esp. time that flows according to the known arrow of time) enters the picture and the known objective reality is perceived as taking place.

In the quantum world - it seems to be bit of both, but never just one or the other. Some events are manifestly deterministic, while others appear manifetly indeterministic, but in the limit qm becomes completely deteministic.

In classical mechanics - reality is completely deterministic.

We have to know what reality is to know if it's deteministic or not and this is problematic. I'd say that my observations are completely deterministic, based on the fact that it's probably impossible to fathom of a non-deterministic reality.