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Tom Mattson
Nov2-04, 09:34 PM
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Quote Quote by Gypsy
I want to take AP Physics B (my school doesn't offer C) when I'm a senior and want to know that I'm not going to be wasting my time. So is an algebra-based physics worth taking?
When I took it, I liked it. When I taught it, I hated it.

Teaching that course is like trying to swim with handcuffs on. Problems that have really slick solutions with calculus can be very tedious with algebra (try doing Gauss' law with summation signs).

When I did take calculus based physics the following year, I found that there was not much calculus, and not much new physics. In fact I was really agitated to be doing the same inclined plane problems all over again.

I think that if your math is up to snuff, you should skip Physics Lite and go for the college freshman sequence.

Or do you feel that I should just wait another year until I get into college to take a calculus based class?
Why don't you take it at a community college now? It's not that expenseive, and lots of high school seniors (and some juniors) do it.