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Nov22-11, 11:25 AM
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I'm prescribed dexedrine. Of course I feel I'm as capable of doing as well as my classmates. It has its side effects which are often counterproductive but it also has its benefits, one being the fact it enables me to concentrate on a single task and get it done. In fact, I can spend 8 hours straight doing what would ordinarily be a relatively boring task such as writing a lab report and have fun doing it. I can spend 18 hours straight learning science related material and end up with a profound understanding of concepts I'll need to know for college. I don't just learn what I need to know to pass tests, I learn everything I need to know to "truly" understand the concepts so as a result, I believe I have a far deeper understanding of the concepts than my classmates. Thats not just a belief, this has been put to the test many times. I cannot function without it though. Before being diagnosed with ADHD, I spent a whole summer struggling to learn things with that horrible restless ADHD mindset. I instinctively sought stimulants but caffeine was the only one I had access and it only worked for 2 hours then stopped working for the rest of the day. At one point I was drinking 2L jugs of tea desperately trying to regain the calm, focused mindset that the first cup of the day gives me. Had the same problem with coffee. It was horrible. I feel truly blessed now that I can read and study like everyone else. Before then I wouldn't have been able to read the replies to this thread, let alone a book or even lengthy article.