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Nov23-11, 02:09 PM
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I have done a lot of heat and mass balance studies for mills, but none of them have been based on such a bare-bones snapshot.

If you want to size your system, you need to need (at a minimum) to identify the seasonal high and low temps of the input water (then over-design by a margin), identify the capacity of your plant to cool the input water to suitable temperatures (with margins, of course), and identify the expected exit temperatures (again with margins) and see if you can size a system that might meet these requirements.

It would also be a really good idea to talk to senior engineers/management, etc to see if there are any plant expansions or process modifications over the horizon that might tip your project into unworkable/uneconomic territory. In an industrial environment, the bean-counters can ruin your career pretty quickly, even if you gave them conservative parameters initially and they changed the rules after the fact or during implementation.

Good luck.