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Nov6-04, 12:16 PM
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Quote Quote by john baez
This quantum gravity workshop at the Perimeter Institute was
really cool:

It was their first conference in the new building. I'm writing an
issue of This Week's Finds about some things I learned...
It is really great that TWF #208 is gonna be about some things at
the October "Quantum Gravity in the Americas" conference.

In case someone reading has not seen the line-up of talks

the thing that struck me immediately is all the young people.

the original two organizers were two postdocs Florian Girelli and Etera Livine, who have probably never worn ties in their life. The third organizer, T.T., was in Germany at the time and joined in after the two postdocs got it rolling, or so it seemed to me.

and a large percentage of the talks were by postdocs and the like, rather than the seasoned veterans (as one may call them)

cool is a well-chosen word for this conference (accuracy the first principle of good writing---Baez always exemplary)

I notice these in the line-up:

Particles in 3d quantum gravity

Feynman propagator in spin foam QG: causality without time

Semi-discrete solution to the dynamics of LQG

String Theory with LQG methods

Hanno Sahlmann's paper, if and when published, will hopefully have the beneficial side-effect of outraging Jacques Distler and prompting torrents of invective from Lubos Motl, who (with any luck) will busy themselves finding reasons to discredit it---as happened with T.T.'s Loop-String paper. Building bridges is threatening, it turns out.

Pullin's talk is probably not too different from what GP just posted on arxiv.
Gambini Pullin: Consistent discretization and loop quantum geometry

Oriti's talk has the same title as what he just posted.
Daniele Oriti: The Feynman propagator for spin foam quantum gravity

I wonder if Freidel's talk has something to do with the foam-perturbation that JB was talking about. Looked for recent Freidel papers but could not find any obvious tie-in with what JB mentioned.