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Dec6-11, 11:36 AM
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Yes this is what I was getting at in my most recent question. Is the hubble telecope limiting our detection of even older galaxies (assuming they were there) eg. perhaps due to intensity or red shift beyond the instruments detectors.

The reason I suggest this is that it still makes the news when the very highest red shift galaxies are detected and they seem to be only just detectedable so I wondered if perhaps instrumentation could be preventing us from seeing even older structures. Presumably there must have been some very violent supernovas in the first 500 hundred millions years are these observed?

Twofish said "One other interesting thing is that if the universe was really infinite, then the sky wouldn't be dark at night (see Olber's paradox). The fact that the sky is dark is largely because you can only see back to the beginning of the universe."

Well the sky isnt really dark we have all this CMBR which our eyes cant see. Before I signed on to the standard model I had often wondered if the CMBR could in some way be related to this paradox.