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Dec14-11, 10:20 PM
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Recently, someone I know has become convinced that the poor sleep I'm getting is the result of EMFs being emitted by anything near my bed that's electrical. I think this is complete ******** (Edit: look at that, the forum auto-censors). Although, if that was the end of the matter, I'd be completely fine.
Now, I've been receiving emails from said person containing product links to EMF Meters, like this one. They cost about $200. This person is a little bit past middle aged and doesn't have a mind that's completely grounded in science or rationality. As such, she's (it would probably be simpler if I just told it's a family member), particularly vulnerable to pseudo-science and carries out all the instructions, which normally involve spending money, recommended by her homeopathic doctor. (Not that I have anything against homeopathy. Some of the stuff seems to work, and I can't argue with results.) It annoys me to no end that she gets duped like this, but all my arguments have been in vain so far.
This EMF issue seems like something that, given the appropriate facts, I could actually put an end to. Unfortunately, I'm not knowledgeable enough in this area, and my research attempts have been fruitless.
I'd greatly appreciate it if any of you guys had an points I could use to disprove the hypothesis that EMFs are causing my poor sleep.
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