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Dec17-11, 01:33 PM
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Timely of you to post this, I have been vomiting and experiencing intense pain in my right lower flank for two days and almost went to the ER last night when my body temp dropped to 93.7 and started to pass out.
Evo, below core body temp of 95 F (35 C) you should be experiencing moderate hypothermia:
This occurs when the core temperature falls below 35C and results in violent shivering and a loss in muscular coordination. Walking becomes laborious and difficult with frequent stumbles and the victim may fall over.

Most dangerous of all at this stage is perhaps the loss of ability to make rational decisions. There may be a desire to lay down in the snow and sleep, to discard a rucksack (that probably contains food and clothing) rather than carry it, and even to remove clothing due to an unawareness of the cold. Mountaineers may fail to fasten safety harnesses and other basic simple safety procedures may be ignored with possibly fatal results.

Below 32C (89.6F) shivering stops as there is no energy left to keep it going, this causes the temperature to drop even further and more rapidly. The victim eventually unable to walk will curl up on the ground completely unaware of others, unconsciousness comes at around 30C (86F).
You weren't shivering uncontrollably, were you ?