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Dec18-11, 02:30 AM
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Firstly, I am sorry if this is the wrong section (I really didn't know what each section meant, but I posted here since I am beginner)

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

A stone is thrown up into the air at 20m/s is accelerated constantly downwards by gravity at about 10m/s2

Find the anti derivative of the acceleration

Note: I am not solving for C

2. Relevant equations
3. The attempt at a solution

The antiderivative of 20m/s is 10m/s2
and the antiderivate of -10m/s is -5m/s2

Neither of those match up to the answer, so I'm not sure how to arrive at the answer.

The answer in the book is v= -10t + c

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