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Dec29-11, 12:52 PM
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I'm confused. Are you implying that the study isn't valid?
I'm stating what is said in the report in answer to Ryan's question.

They don't show any of the pictures. We don't know if terrain had any impact, we really know nothing other than she deduced from looking at a bunch of google photos that a lot of cows seem to prefer a north/south orientation. But for how long at a time? Same cows every day? Same part of the pasture?

And they say that no one watching over the herds had ever noticed. I would think if all cows aligned all or most of the day, every day, over a thousand years, someone might have noticed.

Also, wind direction for the cows is unknown, so could be a factor in the pictures she chose. The only study they did that took wind into consideration was on red and roe deer data, not cattle.