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Jan6-12, 08:07 AM
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I thought it was fairly clear. Our elected officials pass laws and do other things related to holding office, like listening to lobbyists. The question is in general, how much do you disagree with what they do on our behalf. I heard a new years stat that 40,000 new laws were passed last year in the US.

Am I the only one that thinks there is something wrong with our legal system? Every new law they pass buries justice a little deeper. And the laws they pass are crazy. Maybe I'm just bitter because I am currently being screwed by a law that is making me pay $30,000 a year in taxes on 3 small empty fields.

I voted 80% meaning I disagree with 80% of everything they do or stand for. That's republicans, democrats and independents. They say a lot of people think the country is heading in the wrong direction. I don't think the country is going in the wrong direction, I KNOW it is. Maybe this poll would be a way to gauge that feeling.