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Jan9-12, 12:49 PM
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When I got promoted, they had to split my work up between three union workers. It's the unproductive union workers that are getting the free ride. My work ethics got me into management and my pay tripled within a few years. The union negotiated pay and benefits were crap compared to what I was able to negotiate on my own when I was no longer in the same classification as union workers and no longer limited to union contract terms.
You posted once whether reducing working hours is a solid economical strategy. It has been noted by economists that the German model of reducing payment and working hours a bit during recessions (sharing the burden) has also helped them to recover quickly in periods of growth, since the working force didn't lose their abilities and intelligent workers weren't laid off.

It is diametrically opposed to the US model, and I don't think anybody really knows what really works.