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Is there a complete theory for quantum fluids (superfluidity) now?

In this book (published 1990) it says "Because of the dominant importance of quantum mechanics for He II that fluid is called a quantum fluid. Its theory is still not completed today. Certain features can still not be accounted for quantitatively."
Let me quote Peierls.
[898] Rudolf Peierls to Nevill Mott
Oxford, 11.5.1991
(carbon copy)
Dear Nevill,
Thank you for your letter.1329 I know of course, of your idea that in
High-Tc substances there are pairs above Tc. When we met at Harwell,
it occured to me that it should be possible to test this by looking at
a Josephson function between a high-Tc substance above its Tc and a
conventional superconductor. Do you agree that this is right? If so
should one urge that this be tried?
I do not know the answer to your question whether a Bose liquid
could fail to be a superfluid at T = 0, because I do not understand,
and tend to distrust, realistic theories of superfluidity
. My guess would
be that for strong purely repulsive forces this should be possible, but I
have no arguments.
Yours sincerely, Rudolf Peierls
From the book by Sabine Lee
Sir Rudolf Peierls Selected Private and Scientific Correspondence Vol.2

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I know the V. Ginzburg (Nobel Prize winner 2003) saying that for He4 the theory analogous to BCS does not exist. So did Feynman asked everybody, who could get formular for heat capacity of He4 near λ point, publish it (Kikuchi's he considered to be wrong)!!!

As i know nobody could get formular till now (2012 january) :)

Landau never recognized, that bose einstein condensation means superfluidity :)