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Jan18-12, 08:49 PM
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You're saying that everything we can see, aka the Observable Universe, is a blob of matter floating around with other blobs elsewhere? We already have a word describing your blob of matter; The Observable Universe. The Universe as a whole is defined to be everything, everywhere, no matter what. You are 100% free to imagine something else outside of the "Universe", however if you are going to post here then you are must stick to the rules of the forum which do not allow for personal theories.
Ok, then nobody should be allowed to post any theories about The Big Bang. That is exactly what it is - personal theories! There is no 100% proof of evidence the Big Bang even happened! It sounds like all you want is YOUR safe standard model theories that everyone learns in school and REPEATS it over and over again until you think it's FACT. My theories are just as valid as any of this magical-universe-was-created-from-a-single-point-of-infinite-density so-called-theory.

Everything we have witnessed in the universe "so far" has obeyed the laws of physics. And yet when it comes to the (so called beginning of the) universe itself, the realm of supernatural and fantasy seem to invade thought. Anyone can believe what they want and repeat what they have heard.
Some try to find real solutions.

To answer your question - What we see as the observable "universe" may only be because our technology can only see that far. If there are blobs of matter that are 100s of billions or even trillions of light years away, we may not be able to see them........... yet.

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Such as? The current mainstream model is based off of observations of the observable universe. They are not simply made up. Feel free to disagree, but you really don't have a good reason to other than you just don't want to believe it's true.
No, it's about conclusions taken to the extreme. The clues we have, CBR, point to "some" kind of event that happened to spread the cosmic background radiation throuout the universe. Hubble's Law points to "some" event that led to objects speeding away from one another. For some reason, these points were taken to the extreme to invent the Big Bang theory and everything starting from a dot. pfft!