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Rob D
Jan21-12, 12:27 PM
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So what are we left with? If we run enough "Politicons" together at Fermilab we can spot the ubiquitous "Riggs Corrupson" that will bounce around excitedly until January 20th of '13 when it will degrade into something entirely different but quite ugly?

Will research help us find out where our hope went? Because that's the question now isn't it? We're America, together we can do almost anything. The computer, powered flight, Richard Feynman, Cheeseburgers, Sandra Bullock, useful nuclear fusion, hell, we even had a meshugga politician invent the internet. Where did the America of the '50s go? In this time why do we shrink into cynicism and mistrust when we should be pulling together? Don't give me that "it's those politicians in Washington" stuff. They're just 535 blowhards in a nation of almost 300 million.

These I think are more pressing than the price of gas or even unemployment. I'm 64. I did my job with energy and enthusiasm, not to mention some creativity, for 40 years. Now I stick my head up for a look around and, gaak. Where did my America go?