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Jan23-12, 06:56 PM
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Learning Assembly language

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First, I want to buy a single core processor ...
If this doesn't have to be a PC, you might consider buying a hobby type single board computer that uses an Intel 8088 or 8086.

CRT Monitor
The monitor is driven by a graphics card. You can use an LCD monitor if it works with VGA output.

switched-mode Power supply
How the power supply works doesn't matter.

I have my home-assembled computer ready.
You should be able to by a pre-built hobbyist type single board computer.

have to switch between banks of video card to display text message
You have to switch between banks of memory to access all of the video card's memory even when in graphics mode.

Do you think I definitely need to include video card in my set up? CRT circuitry
A monitor connects to a video card, not directly to a computer. You need a video card.

does Matlab software developer guys knows the interface of video card?
No, the program probably uses the direct x interface which is part of the video card driver that is installed into windows. The bios is not used.

I still want to learn pure assembly language.
It would be a lot easier to buy a hobby project board that just includes a processor and something like a small LCD display chip. I did a web search for "hobby single board project computer" and found a few hobby type boards. I would avoid the ones you have to wire up yourself.

If the goal is to learn pure assembly language, then why not start with some simple programs that run under a dos console window, using the standard c libraries to input from keyboard and output to video card? The point here is to learn assembly language programming in general, instead of learning to write device drivers.