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Jan24-12, 09:59 PM
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An interesting perspective on the nuclear industry in the US -
The author (Lehr) states that a 1GW can be built on 200 acres. Theoretically, sure that's true. But absent a coastal plant without cooling towers, I doubt that is true practically speaking in the US under existing regulation, or anywhere close to it. If the NRC's 'exclusion zone' is included I expect the area of even the smaller ones (Milstone) is doubled.

Quick survey (from either wiki or the site licenses at NRC):
Byron 1782 acres
Milstone: 500 acres.
Palo Verde: 4000 acres
Commanche Peak: 7700 acres

Then there are the other peripherals seldom mentioned. The plant closest to me, the 1.8GW North Anna, had a 53 km^2 (13100 acres) lake built solely for the cooling needs of North Anna. And BTW, that area of land receives 53GW of solar radiation for several hours a day, or 254 GWh/year.