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Jan26-12, 11:35 AM
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Should I start with VBASIC?

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I want to do Computing next year for A level but they use VB6 for the program language component.
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VB6 is probably a terrible choice for the simple reason that it is beyond obsolete. Although you can still run VB6 programs under Window 7, it is not in any way supported any longer and the announced plans are that under Windows 8 (or whatever the next Windows is called) VB6 programs will not run at all (the VB6 runtime library will not be ported to the next version of windows)
But if they use VB6 for the class, it's probably a good choice But if you want to do any serious programming beyond the class (whether it be for professional reasons or just for fun) then you might also want to learn another language in parallel. Just focus on learning 'programming' and not so much the language (i.e. the general ideas and practices) and then learning other languages will be easy.