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Jan30-12, 12:16 PM
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Can someone please explain phase shifting?

Sorry for the imprecise question. I'll recite a little snippet from our conversation to try to clarify my frustration.

This is in regards to a high-frequency radio transmitter that we're making. We were discussing how earlier they were made with analog circuitry, but how much today is done just using a CPU/FPGA combination. I'm not very knowledgeable about radio transmitters, but I'm learning. But he drew up the circuit mentioned above, where the signal was split up into two branches in parallel, and one of them went through a phase shifter circuit, where you could select a phase shift from -45 to +45 degrees.

And I'm just trying to picture what actually happens to the signal. I suppose this works as an illustration for my question ( Take a look at the bottom block diagram, where the received signal is passed through a 90 degree phase shifter. What's happening in that phase shifter block?

I apologize for the poorly phrased question. As you say, sophiecentaur, if I could ask the right question, I'd probably have a clue about the answer. And I'm sort of feeling that I in my search for a simple, understandable answer, I'm leaping over the reason for not finding my simple and understandable answer.