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Jan31-12, 04:34 AM
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Exactly. If we somehow manage not to destroy ourselves, there is no telling how "humans" will look like in a 1000 of years, let alone in millions or billions of years. Even if we went back to stone age tomorrow, and forgot about genetic engineering etc. in two, three million years we would look completely different.
As for OP question, I think it is not unimaginable that the life on Earth will last "forever" (forever i.e. untill the planet is destroyed). And by life I mean "a life" not human life. There is currently no known threat (short of gamma ray burst maybe?) that could completely sterilize the earth. Even full on nuclear exchange could not kill all the bacteria in earth, ocean, atmosphere. There are deep caves and hot volcanoes that host life, that can be safely regarded as independent of human affairs.
Gamma rays could do it, also a sufficient sized meteor/comet impact could physically break the planet up which would probably kill almost everything - although I grant some extremophiles may survive in ice/rock even though this may be unlikely.