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Feb3-12, 08:01 PM
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I found this link while going through all the links in my last post, as luck would have it, the second post from the bottom labeled, Science Tests new magnifier:
In it's present state of development the new microscope is reliably reported to have a visual magnifying power of 17,000 diameters, compared to 5000 diameters, said to be the limit of commercial instruments. Due to the fact that images borne to the eye by light waves measuring about one 50-1000ths of an inch in length, it has been supposed that no object considerably less than that would be seen by the human eye. By the use of quartz prisms, it is understood that Dr Rife has broken up the light waves, making it possible to bring impossibly small objects into view. Through the new microscope, according to estimates, an object measuring 1 100-1000ths of an inch in diameter would be magnified to be one sixth of an inch in diameter.

From your last link in your last post:
The answer is a comprehensive array of laser and electron-based microscopes, such as a Carl Zeiss Libra 120 PLUS energy-filtered transmission electron microscope (EF-TEM) with a $1.5 million price-tag.
This uses super resolution microscopy over coming the limitations of light itself, wait, where have I heard this before ? DNA organization can be observed during viral infection and cancer (think folding). Gene 53, the guardian of the genomes because it protects against mutation, when it is inactivated it stops the genome from uncontrolled division and growth, arresting cancer cells. Clodagh O'Shea (video in the link) describes this process using the engineered virus (gene 53 disabled), depending on loss for replication. One must stop to wonder though, what becomes of the engineered virus itself when all of the cancer cells are killed, where does it go, what does it do, wait quietly for more cancer ? What if it itself mutates itself to something not so helpful, what then ? She does not address these issues in the video.

This high tech marvel can now do with real time imaging and state of the art laser techniques what Dr Rife managed to do (crudely, without knowledge of DNA) (with no data recording or playback at full or any desired speed) for a mere pittance almost 90 years before with unprecedented (for the time) resolution and accuracy, through hard work, infinite patience and perseverance. Not to the degree of understanding we have today, but nonetheless, no less impressive to me.

Rife said before he passed away:
The most important thing I ever did was build a microscope.
See last paragraph of the news link of his death.