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Feb3-12, 11:25 PM
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This is a continuation of rhody's and my discussion about Clodagh O'Shea's video on using the common cold virus to target and disrupt cancer cells.

At first, I thought this corresponded to her Nature paper (free!). However, that doesn't seem to deal directly with using a virus to fight cancer, and I couldn't find anything by her about it.

However, there are some reviews: (free!) (free!)

The approach using p53 and a specific sort of adenovirus that replicates in and kills only tumor cells seems to go back to this paper by Bischoff et alia.

The second review indicates an alternative approach in which the virus is used to replace p53 in tumor cells. Apparently "Gene therapy using wild-type p53, delivered by adenovirus vectors, is now in widespread use in China."

Some questions, the second emphasized by rhody in the earlier thread:
1. What do we know about its effectiveness?
2. Is it safe?
3. What has O'Shea's Nature paper got to do with this?
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