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What sent alarm bells ringing for me was this:

Inflammation does not cause disease, disease causes inflammation! Specifically inflammation is an important part of the wound healing response that results in activation of immune cells, release of pro-healing factors e.g. pro-angiogenic, stem cell recruitment, ECM remodelling etc. To suggest such a simple thing (assuming this wasn't him mis-speaking) reveals a huge ignorance.
Exactly! Detection of inflammatory markers when disease is present is consequence, not a cause, of disease. It is also correct that recommendations about taking aspirin to prevent heart disease and stroke are changing in light of recent studies showing that there is a greater risk of bleeding ulcers and other bleeding disorders with chronic aspirin use than there is a risk of heart attack or stroke due to a blood clot.

People with known risks of clotting problems who take anticoagulants should be evaluated for risk of peptic ulcers before starting treatment.