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Feb6-12, 06:21 AM
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If you are a skilled fortran programmer, and you know just enough C++ so that I can tell you "please fill in the blank here", then that's enough for you to get hired. Once you get hired, then you can learn the rest on the job.

Note here that for this to work, it has to be a job in which your fortran skills are considered useful. This is *NOT* true with most programming jobs, but it happens to be true in jobs that require lots of PDE crunching.
Nah... you can get any kind of job with Fortran experience, at least I did. I did heavyweight PDE crunching in Algol and Fortran and next job went on to develop human computer interfaces/expert systems in Basic (of all things :) The interviewing prof. was a physicist who had gone the same route ... all you need to do is to be very confident at interview and convince the prof that you are good at picking up new things, like him...