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Feb7-12, 08:54 AM
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A Future with Chemistry

Sorry eagerengineer, I can't answer your question but I'm a chem major too and all this talk about the horrible job market is making me question if I should change majors.

If people who have a Ph.D in chem are having a hard time finding jobs, does that mean that there is no hope for the people who only have a bachelors? I'm a chem student too and I'm scared, I was only planning on getting my bachelors degree but if people won't hire Ph.Ds then why would they hire a someone with a BSc?

Is biochemistry a better option job-market wise? I know it is important to major in a field you like instead of a field that pays well, but what it comes down to is making MONEY, at least enough to afford the necessities of survival.
I would rather work in a field that I wasn't quite as interested in that pays DECENT money, than to be an unemployed worker in a field that I am highly interested in and making NO money.