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Feb10-12, 07:36 PM
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This has nothing to do with CERN or the Higgs. It is an old, essentially abandoned, interpretation of the Lorentz transforms used by special relativity:
Pfff ... I had a discussion about this topic 6 months ago already and students told me always that light waves were going shorter in the moving direction (when the frame speed was higher) so the waves were always the same in counting. Maybe this is true because it is in the moving direction, so things will only be smaller in the moving direction. But I understand now, that materials can go shorter but you have to see this in another way and not on atom level (logic because it's only the length). But I had always thought all things will be smaller, but that is only in the moving direction. But my own mistake I had first to read the books all and I did never (only articles about this on the internet).

I should find it more logically that everything will be smaller in all dimensions, but ok in the moving direction (one dimension). I go to change this in my blog etc. and let it all rest for a while .. and first to read my books for a while ....

Thanks DaveSpam for the correction, I corrected already all, damage was not so badly ...