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Nov20-04, 02:15 AM
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Well, Andre, money plays a big part in US politics. So when people see scientists funded by big oil/coal coming out with results supporting industry and disagreeing with most other science they react cynically. No matter how big the alleged 'global warming lobby' is, i can guarentee you the fossil fuel lobby is bigger. a lot bigger.
Conservative politicians (mostly republicans) in the US have been for many decades generally anti-regulatory and support industry. Since the early 1980s they've been working with the energy industry to help disprove AGW theory. Now essentially all conservative policy organizations argue against AGW theory. Not because they are good scientists and think it is wrong on scientific bases, but because they are political and that's the political team they're on, anti-AGW. This is why i, for one, am distrustful of articles, research, etc put out by organizations like and . These are politically concerned groups. they have the agenda that AGW theory is wrong and that they need to convince people of that. They DO NOT have the agenda that they want to support the best science regardless of it's results. I don't mean to turn this into a political discussion, but this is the reality of why people are so mistrustful and cynical about those websites and energy-industry supported journals and research. the industry has profitability in mind, not good science, so why should we expect them to support good science that may hurt that a lot?

On one hand we've got conservative and energy industry supported research and on the other hand we've got the traditional scientific community and many journals looking for good science to publish. Now, don't you think the energy industry and the people it helps elect have a greater interest in oil and coal profits than the scientific community has in lying, en masse, to the public about one of the most important scientific theories in modern history?

There are certainly good reasons to question AGW theory. And there is probably good science contained in journels funded by industry money. But when people know the industry simply has an agenda to convince us not to regulate them due to AGW theory, they are rightfully distrustful. Unfortunately this has caused people (probably including scientists) to be less accepting of anti-AGW research in general. If the energy industry would stop propping up whatever anti-AGW research it can find, the good anti-AGW research would stand out better and people would be less reactive against it since it wasn't funded by people with profit in mind.

You say,
There is no discussion.
, Andre. But you have to allow for discussion. You're always polarizing the debate in the threads so that it becomes an all-or-nothing AGW debate. I know you aren't in complete disagreement with the pillars of AGW theory, but that doesn't usually show in your comments. You seem to feel compelled to argue against even the slightest pro-AGW argument, ignoring any scientific merit you may see in the pro-AGW argument. If we could hold less polarized debates that concentrated on the scientific merit of the specific issue, rather than turn every thread into "this is why AGW is wrong, point A, B, and C", we'd learn a lot more, and more importantly, we'd inform more people about the problems with AGW theory.