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Feb14-12, 05:52 PM
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Take a look here for a realistic view of falling into a black hole:
Hi Drakkith, thank you for that link. I'm actually pretty familiar with Andrew Hamilton's site, however, I can't seem to find an answer that tells me what the behavior of observed light is hovering just inside the EH. I'm pretty sure that as you fall into the singularity, if you were somehow able to observe the light falling in as you fell it would be red shifted, since it has to catch up with you as you fall at the speed of light.

I'm curious to know that if you aren't falling, and yet stuck just inside the EH, is the light blue shifted? More intense/bright because it's trapped there etc?

Edited to add: I'm also aware that the answer is probably in there somewhere, it's just not very apparent to a layman like myself.