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Per Oni
Feb15-12, 09:24 AM
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Yes, are you familiar with four-vectors or tensors?
No, one day Iíll learn that concept, it looks like itís really useful.

I think I have the same (perhaps faulty) thought process as universal, when he says:
Whereas, my question is, why don't we see this magnetic force to come in play(or act) when the test charge is STATIONARY w.r.t the wire. Since, even without motion of the test charge there should be the length contraction of the moving charges in the wire, when there is current, and therefore there should be a force even on the stationary test charge.
This situation refers to your frame 1 but without the test charge moving. ďIfĒ thereís a Lorentz boost as seen from the test charge, it should feel an extra electrostatic force.

My take on it is (and the reality is) that no such extra electrostatic force is present therefore this whole idea of a magnetic field being a Lorentz boosted electrostatic field is for a lot of us hard to believe.