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Feb15-12, 03:44 PM
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Thank you for that! I still do not seem to be getting a clear cut answer. What I am striving for a formula that i can use for this and just plug in the following:

initial (x,y,z) of person 1
initial (x,y,z) of person 2
(x,y,z) Velocity of person 1
Overall Velocity of person 2

I want to result in:

The time of collision (assuming that the lines intersect)
The (x,y,z) of collision (assuming that the lines intersect)
You need to get the velocity vector for person 2 as a function of angle that he makes with the line from him to person 1. Once you have that you can calculate the time it takes to hit the velocity vector line from person 1 and also the time time person 1 takes to reach that point. Adjust the angle to make the times equal.