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Feb16-12, 12:33 PM
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The elastic rod idea is interesting but I feel as if the constant stretching and relaxing of the relaxing of the elastic would eat up more energy and eventually warp the elastic. I hadn't thought of a governor though, that would be a pretty good idea.

I want to create a mechanical battery of sorts. Modern day batteries are getting more and more efficient but can only store the energy for a fixed period of time. While I don't need to produce a lot of energy I would like to store it mechanically in order to store it for a much much longer period of time then modern batteries allow.

This does not necessarily have to be a spring, but any from of mechanical / potential energy which I can easily convert to electricity quickly and smoothly.

I would most likely use this mechanical energy to move a magnet past a coil (doesn't get much simpler) but what if i built the magnet right into the governor as the weights for example? I could condense the design and possibly even prevent one energy loss.

thoughts on how such a design could be done?
There are two major ways to store mechanical energy in use today: