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When line of objects starts moving, length contraction may be observed, or length contraction may not be observed. Rigid bodies contract, other things may either contract or not.
How do the formulas of SR recognize rigidity? Is it quantifiable? What happens if I have an egg container, and in each egg placeholder I have either a "rigid" body or a non-rigid body. How does that work? I thought that SR does not permit "fully" rigid bodies.
Move one part of rigid body, other parts of rigid body will follow.

Well maybe I meant elastic body.

Let's consider a line of cars driving 50 mph, making a 90 degrees turn at street corner. We newer see any car moving at any other speed than 50 mph, so the line does not contract. Cars do contract. When a car contracts its rear end moves faster than its front.

Electron flow in rectangular circuit behaves the same way.
What is the quantity and its symbol? How is it used in the equations of SR? Can it be plugged into Lorentz transforms?