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Feb17-12, 05:43 AM
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I also noticed that only a few of the early paper by this author were peer reviewed, but not this one. "Expert on Thermodynamics" seems a little overblown relative to the published history. But I didn't want to bring this up until I had tried to digest the paper for its content.
Curious, instead reviewing the work cited, people here goes on reviewing the author.

Well, he is a well-known expert in thermodynamics, their works are cited by other thermodynamicians and his book in thermodynamics of irreversible processes is published by Dover classics.

He has received Galilei Gold Medal 2009
For his work on irreversible thermodynamics and contributions to many areas of physics including that of Brownian motion, and in the establishment of the statistical basis of thermodynamics, and his contributions in astrophysics/cosmology.
And with a simple search in google scholar I can find

The thermodynamics of endoreversible engines
BH Lavenda - American Journal of Physics, 2007 -

Mean entropies
BH Lavenda - Open Systems & Information Dynamics, 2005 - Springer

High temperature properties of the MIT bag model
BH Lavenda - Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle , 2007 -


It is difficult to believe that are not peer reviewed...