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Feb17-12, 08:51 AM
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The paper seems to be gooble-gook. C_p is a derivative and can be be negative or non-existent. He does a lot of equations based on the behavior of classical ideal monatomic gases, which I suppose merely shows that black holes are not made of classical ideal monatomic gasses.
C_p is not a mere derivative, but a physical quantity with determined properties. Your 'argument' could be re-used to say that (4) "is a derivative and can be be negative or non-existent", but it is difficult to believe someone would accept negative or non-existent mass for a black hole or an imaginary speed of light or similar nonsense...

Effectively, nowhere he says or even suggests that black holes are made of "classical ideal mono-atomic gasses". He uses the simple case of an ideal gas for illustrating the difference between c and C.