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Feb17-12, 01:55 PM
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from where does the singularity came from? who created the 'singularity' and how this 'singularity' got infinite density? what is density by the way? who created the matter? when the matter was created? giving the accurate calculation time of creation of matter? what is time by the ways? who created the time, space, matter and after all the 'physics' and its principals as we say AND the mother of all questions "How this all is created by itself"?
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Simply quoting "We do not know" is proving my point here. I want to believe if I get a logical answer.
You clearly don't have a point other than "God did it", which of course is unscientific garbage. It's certainly not implied by the things we know. The "big bang" is a feature of a few different theories of space, time, matter and motion. None of those theories make any claims whatsoever about what, or who, created those things in the first place. They don't even involve the concept of creation in any way. There are no theories of creation.