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Feb17-12, 04:39 PM
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Hi all
I am posting this question because i have NO prior experience in chemistry and thought this would be the best place to start for my question regarding carcinogens. I am a horticulture student at my university and have been looking into different substrate materials to implement in growing. Since filters on cigarettes are mostly fiberglass (as far as I know) with maybe some cotton I was wondering about two things:

1) Are there any suggestions or known means as to how to purge these carcinogens from a filter?

if so then...

2) Would these means leave the fiberglass intact (as in would melt it, brak it down ect.)?

Again I am posting this in the chemistry section due my complete lack of understanding about chemicals, and therefore means of removing them. I think it would be a useful way to recycle the used butts of cigs, and because of the success of other fiberglass inert mediums (Rockwool). If this is the wrong forum to post then Mods please delete or lock thread.

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