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Feb17-12, 06:33 PM
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Ok maybe this is just too much for me to understand. I try to look at everything in its simplest form. If you were able to travel beyond the limits of the universe (if there is such a thing) and look back on it would it not have a geometric shape? If so, wouldn't that shape have a center point? Whether or not it is expanding or contracting it still has a shape. Unless you know the physical dimensions you can't calculate it but it still has to have one. It's my uneducated opinion that one day we will gain enough knowledge about the physical universe that all the knowledge we have now will seem like stone age nonsense. I appeal to all you free thinkers out there. Don't let the so called scientific authorities tell you that your ideas are wrong or impossible. The earth is not really flat!
And yet you're suggesting that people should rely on their intuition even though science has proved that many of the things we intuitively "know" to be true are actually false.