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So far as I know that classical theory has not advanced since Trump and Schieve published their monograph and, as they admit in the monograph, the current theory only can solve some weak-field defects of general relativity.

There is some interest in the application to many-body quantum bound problems, where quantum field theory also fails, and some recent attempts to apply the new relativistic theory to an extension of string/brane theory (which inherits the defects of both quantum field theory and general relativity): The Landscape of Theoretical Physics, A Global View: From Point Particles to the Brane World and Beyond in Search of a Unifying Principle. But as said before the whole theory is still open to many technical objections.

Another attempt to solve the defects of field theory is by Chubykalo and Smirnov-Rueda

See specially the Physical Review E paper correcting the defects of Maxwell theory of electrodynamics and their experimental application in Journal of applied physics.

Chubykalo and Smirnov-Rueda approach has been recently extended to many-body gravitation, with the bonus that the new potentials solve the dark matter problem (dark matter is fictitious). See Modified Newtonian Dynamics and Dark Matter from a generalized gravitational theory
Thanks Juanrga,
I'll have to get copies of these papers on Tuesday, to give you an intelligent reply. Thanks for your inputs and I'll get back with you as soon as I can read these documents. I do appreciate your comments about the status of this "problem". It looks like I will have plenty of things to think about in retirement. You will hear from me in about a week.