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Feb20-12, 04:54 PM
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I didn't like the essay. Some remarks

1) Your references consist out of wikipedia and These are not scholarly references. If you want to back your point up with science, at least provide a scientific references.

2) Your view of happiness is a little bit skewed. You see happiness as everything that makes you happy. Then what if I strap you to a chair and pump drugs in you that constantly make you happy. According to your philosophy, this would be the ultimate form of happiness. But I don't think many people would actively choose for this form of existence. There is something you're missing.

3) You say that the pursuit of intellect and wisdom is part of the pursuit of happiness. I did not see any argument why this might be true.

4) You suggest that good and evil are just the product of indoctrination in your childhood. I don't think this is backed up by science. I would rather say that good and evil are evolutionary byproducts. People with a severely undeveloped sense of evil get selected against. In any case, you should think more about this.

5) You fail to recognize that a human lives in a society and that the society has certain norms and ideals. Conformation to society is in most cases desirable as it will make you happier.