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Feb21-12, 12:46 AM
P: 28
I am planing on taking physics as a major, and am also considering studying computer science on the side (my school offers a 5 year cs masters when your majoring in physics). The thing is, I know nothing about computers. I barely understand the difference in software and hardware. When I see an example of code, I am just baffled and don't get how so many people have caught on to such a concept while I have not even been aware of its existence!

In any case, I am naturally attracted to things I don't understand. And so I can't help to humor the idea of taking computer science classes to see how I like it.

But first, just thought Id ask and see if anyone has any suggestions on a book or website I might want to read first to determine if its something that would actually interest me. How much math is involved for introductory computer science? The intro course at my college uses a book called Big c++. If i get this book and read it on my own, would I be able to follow it and make sense of anything without being in a class?

Thoughts? (Im 26 and in my first year of college by the way...Still trying to get a handle on what I want to do with myself in the long run...)
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