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Feb21-12, 08:45 AM
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Hello everybody

The problem is about a very simple heat exchanger.

One pipe with cold water at the inlet and at some points heat is applied uniformly. Assumed no buoyancy. Wall is smooth and with no slip.

I simulate different a matrix of volume flow rates and inlet water temps. For 5 l/min, water inlet temp varies from 50C to 150C; same for 10 l/min and 20 l/min.

My questions are:

1.- If the water properties (density, viscosity, heat capacity, thermal conductivity) are constant, should the pressure drop be constant for a given volume flow rate?
2.- If I simulate water accordingly with variable density and viscosity, should the pressure drop increase with the increase of density or decrease?

I dont know if I explained correctly. Dont hesitate to ask if needed.

Thank you very much in advance!
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