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Feb23-12, 06:47 AM
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First excuse my grammar english is not my first language

My question is does the speed at which the planet is revolving on itself, the speed at which the earth is rotating around the sun and the speed at which the milky way is travelling throught space is affecting the rate at which time flows ?

Let's say that to someone not moving at all on earth time flows at a rate=1

Relative to someone in the vacuum of space but still in our galaxie does time goes slower because he is travelling slower through space since you substract the revolving and rotating speed of the earth.

And let's say someone is in another galaxy that travels through the universe twice as fast as the milky way so while 1 year passes over there 2 years have gone here in the milky way ?

My last question is someone in a plane is aging slower because he is going faster relative to someone standing still on the ground, if the plane is rotating on itself while going the same speed forward will that change anything for the flow of time ?

I hope that somehow makes sense
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