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Feb24-12, 04:06 AM
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I don't think anything has been accepted among the scientific community of what really exist inside of a black hole. I have read pure energy a few times, in explanations of what happens when a black hole create a white hole (in old books), but white holes have not been found. I don't think they could be made of matter since the density of suppermassive black holes can be really low (close to 1). My hypothesis is that matter would have to be broken down into energy in order to maintain these low densities, and the concentrated energy itself would need to bend spacetime. I don't think it is too far fetched since energy itself is affected by spacetime curvature and has zero rest mass but it would be moveing, it is just that the amount is too small to be detected. That could be why we don't see white holes, the curvature created by energy itself wouldn't be enough to peirce through space to another location.